Printed fabrics

Printed fabrics

Our Printed Fabrics

The choice of fiber and of the highest quality processes, makes all our fabrics performing and suitable for any technical and aesthetic processing such as prints of various types, coating, laminating and bonding with other materials. It’s really important to  choose the correct textile and correct ennoblements in order to evaluate all technical-creative processes that underlie these fabrics.

On request in fact, we also carry out customized printing services with exclusive designs, always evaluating with the customer his needs.

Flocked Fabrics

Ricamofil has a historical collection of flocked fabrics composed by more than 400 diverse designs continuously updated; each of these design in fact is printable on almost all of our fabrics.

In order to make these products even more unique we offer to our clients the opportunity (in accordance with our minimum) the possibility to personalize and combine diverse colours between fabrics, flock and glitter.

Laminated Fabrics

Our collection is also composed by a selection of fabrics ennobled by the application of sheets, frosting and coating that give a shiny, opaque, translucent and precious effect to the fabric where it is applied.

We propose these type of processing on our products of different 

transparency, elasticity and thickness in order to provide a wide choice that meets the different needs. It is also possible to apply these type of processing on our fabrics with colour combination and variable effects.