Our Tulle

Ricamofil has a historical  tradition in the manufacture of elastic and rigid tulles.

Thanks to our experience, this product became the core business activity of the company; for this reason year after year we try to upgrade our collection in order to always propose an innovative product through design, micro-structures and technical characteristics suitable for all market demands.

Transparency, elasticity, tenacity, softness, weights and different textures are strengths that our clients apply to underwear industry , to fashion industry and specific uses in technical-sports sector.


We are specialized in the realization of different weights of elastic tulle; these type of fabrics are very light and comfortable, content and coverage, micro structured and operate.

Our wide collection satisfies the most of the requests that we receive therefore we are always curious and available to evaluate tailor-made developments.


These types of meshes are often light, highly see-through and they are used as support for garments, covers and base for embroidery.

Even haute couture appreciate this type of material since it really suitable for creating volumes and draperies constructed. We value these type of materials with certain type of fibre such as cotton, silk and precious and sustainable nylon.